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The Shooting Comp

From: November Issue

I was heading to Maryborough, QLD and thought I’d stop off at an old gold mining town on the way. The town itself was part of the 1860’s gold rush that occurred over a lot of Queensland back then.

I wasn’t expecting too much and thought I’d just do a quick hunt of the footpaths around the area of the diggings. To my surprise, the Nox gave me a really nice signal that was worth digging and it was only then did I realise I’d dug my earliest coin at that time, a 1900 sixpence.

I was ecstatic to say the least. The coin itself was in great condition for a 120-year-old coin. I recall feeling strange as I stood there alone, holding this piece of gold rush history from a time long since passed.

With my spirits lifted I started hunting again and it wasn’t too long before I had myself a lovely sounding 24 on the Nox so I dug it. At first I thought a coin until I saw the hole in it and then thought “bugga, a dog tag” and with that I put it in my rubbish bag. I continued hunting for another half hour without luck then headed off to Maryborough.

Later that night when I went through my rubbish pile I found the dog tag again. Upon giving it a good wash to see if there were any details on it, low and behold I realised it was coin. But what was incredible was the fact that it was a shot up half penny from 1875?

Upon closer inspection I noted it had one hole and 2 bullet indents in it. I started thinking this is my oldest coin ever and it appears to have been shot. Could this possibly be a shooting comp between some miners? The 1st to shoot through the coin? I can only surmise and wonder.

The one thing I learnt, always go through your rubbish before you dump it!

– Vernon Hutchinson (Qld)

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