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Gold In The Hole

From: January Issue

I recently made a spur of the moment decision to head out to a new site with my Minelab 3030. I’ve only had it for a few months and like to get out as much as possible to get more experience with it. It’s really a beautiful machine to use. I’d already done some research on an area and wanted to go check it out as it looked promising. My wife Rosemary usually likes to tag along and we make a bit of an adventure out of these trips. She does like to have a go with my MI-4 pin pointer and find the target after I’ve dug the hole. It’s an aspect of the hobby we both really do enjoy.


Upon arriving and scanning the area for a couple hours without much luck, I came across a bit of a mixed signal. It was the first promising one I’d had but it didn’t really make much sense so I dug it out of curiosity. To my surprise up came a couple or pre-decs – a 1941 penny and a 1935 three pence. Bit of a little coin spill, I was chuffed, but it confused me as to why I got such a weird signal? I knew I was still learning the 3030, but I thought I was starting to get a bit of a read on coin target ID’s. I just put it down to part of the learning curve of the machine.


As I always do, I scanned the hole again before filling it in and got a solid 12:20. Hmmmm I thought, another coin I’d missed perhaps? Digging down the first thing I see was a slight curve of a coin standing on edge and the glint of gold in the dark dirt. My heart started racing as you can imagine. Reaching in, I pull out the most beautiful thing I think I’ve ever seen, a solid gold half sovereign, dated 1883 with the “S” for Sydney mint on it. I was shocked how “gold” it was, almost glowing in my hand.


I called Rose over and told her to keep calm (she’s easy excitable), I then reached over with a closed hand and dropped it into her waiting hand. To my shock and horror she went “oh my god!” and sort of tossed it in the air. It literally went a foot in the air and I lost sight of it. We were near the edge of a cliff and I thought it had gone over and was gone forever. I can only imagine the look on my face as I watched that golden coin disappear into the air in slow motion. My heart most definitely skipped a few beats.


After the blood that’d drained away returned to my brain I looked around and saw it had landed not far from her feet. I frantically pointed it out and she scooped it up and just kept saying “what is it?” I told her I was pretty sure it was a gold half sovereign. “Are you sure?” she kept saying and then added “we should look for more!” If I wasn’t in such shock I think I would have burst out laughing.


She was pretty much beside herself and spent the next hour shaking and saying “wow!” over and over again as she scanned the ground with her eyes looking for more sovereigns.


After an hour more searching, with eyes and machine, we marked the area and headed home with our precious golden sovereign firmly clutched in Rose’s hand. It wasn’t going anywhere this time.


For the entire drive home I listened to her calling family and telling them of our once in a lifetime find.


Paul & Rose Ringrose – NSW

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