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Fate – Believe It or Not

From: December Issue

was on the beach this afternoon checking out the wet sand when I was approached by a stranger.
He asked me a few usual questions then showed me a gold soccer ball on a silver chain around his neck. He said he had lost a similar one on a chain this same week on this same beach last year whilst up on holidays from Brisbane. After a bit more chit chat I told him I hadn’t found it and would keep my eyes open for it and with that we parted our ways.

As fate would have it, my very next signal not five minutes later and I had his item in my hand! I just knew it was his. It was about a half inch in size & had a bit of weight to it too. I looked up to see where he had gone & spotted him up on the beach wall heading to the car park. Well I ran as fast as I could & shouted out to him. He came running over & I said I think we have won the Lotto and opened my hand to reveal his gold soccer ball & tarnished silver chain. It was identical to the one around his neck.

At first he was speechless then he got a bit emotional and thanked me over & over, finally grabbing me for a big hug. He was probably about 35 to 40 years old & said the gold ball was a gift from his Aunt when he was 9 years old, she had bought it whilst on holidays in Italy. He wanted to reward me but I told him his happiness was enough for me. I have hit this beach hard probably 20 to 30 times over the last year, so what were the chances of finding it today not 10 minutes after meeting the person who had lost it 12 months ago.

Unfortunately that day was one of the few that I didn’t have my camera with me so I couldn’t record it. I must say it was a most rewarding experience & ranks as one of my better finds.

The next day! Well I was still kicking myself for not getting any photo’s or even exchanging our details. So, on a whim I decided to go back again to see if I could spot him & hope that he was still holidaying there. I had been on the beach about 20 minutes when he came marching towards me with his wife. As it turns out, they were renting a house overlooking the beach & had been actually looking out in case I returned. They were very pleased to see me again and they too wanted photo’s taken. After some pleasantries we also exchanged details so we can keep in touch. I think I may have just made some life long friends.

So the day ended perfectly & I was so pleased to have been able to record it all.

– Brian Lee (Beach Detecting Australia)

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