Treasure Hunters chasing treasure, in all its wonderful forms …!


About Us

Treasure Chat is a unique, fully interactive online magazine specifically published by Treasure Hunters, for Treasure Hunters. Just like you, we’re out the front door and off chasing our dreams every chance we get. Regardless if your treasure is gold, coins, relics, rings, buckles, buttons, bottles or the countless other wonderous things we all chase on land and sea, this magazine is dedicated to you.


We decided to launch Treasure Chat as there was no publication around that truly represented the many facets of treasure hunting today. We all have our own idea of treasure, for some it’s panning or digging for gold in hope of striking it rich. For others, it’s coins & old relics that take us back in history or to our childhood. Then, there’s the gem hounds and diggers of old dog tags, cricket buckles, bottles and buggy plates. The world of treasure hunting today is truly diverse & wonderous in its complexities and as a community, we love it all.


Each month we’ll be showcasing everyday Aussies just like you who’ve found their treasure.

Treasure Chat International

Will showcase Treasure Hunters from all around the world, showing off their latest and greatest finds to dazzle us all.

Treasure Kids

Treasure Kids is our tribute to our next generation of Treasure Hunters. Lots of smiling faces and great finds from all the kids who follow in mum or dads’ footsteps chasing treasure. So, grab a drink, sit back, relax and enjoy the hunts and adventure …!