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A Shot In Time

From: February Issue

There’s a certain nostalgia when digging military relics. It’s a strange feeling which I can’t really explain. Occasionally, I find myself heading out bush at night and fossicking around army camps, and every now and then, I’ll get a really unsettling feeling of not being alone.

Recently, in a small dump at a WW2 training camp in Western Australia we discovered these .303 stock butt disks. They were all bundled together and tied with copper wire. These disks are a very special find. They were removed from weapons during WW1 as captured rifles gave the enemy information on unit movements. What makes these disks even more unique are the letters that have been stamped on them. 15LH 35, (15th Light Horse Regiment, rack 35) and 33 IB, (33rd Infantry Battalion). One also has a broad arrow indicating its military issued and another a star indicating it was made at the Lithgow small arms factory in New South Wales.

Such a simple little relic can be so easily overlooked, thankfully with help from some good people we now know.
All gave some, but some gave all – LEST WE FORGET!

Relic Custodians Australia – WA

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